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Unleashing the Benefits: Antler Chews for Dogs

Man's best friend deserves the best care, and when it comes to satisfying their natural instincts, antler chews emerge as a top-tier choice.

These all-natural treats provide a myriad of benefits for dogs, offering not just a tasty diversion but also promoting their overall well-being.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the reasons why antler chews are gaining popularity among pet owners and explore the numerous advantages they bring to our furry companions.

Dog with an antler chew

Natural Dental Health:

Antler chews are a fantastic way to support your dog's dental health. Chewing on antlers helps reduce plaque and tartar buildup, promoting cleaner teeth and healthier gums. The gnawing action not only scrapes away dental debris but also stimulates the production of saliva, which contains natural enzymes that aid in breaking down bacteria.

Long-Lasting Entertainment:

One of the remarkable qualities of antler chews is their durability. Unlike many other dog chews that can be devoured in minutes, antlers are long-lasting. Their tough, dense composition ensures that your dog remains engaged and entertained for extended periods.

This not only helps curb boredom but also provides an outlet for excess energy, reducing the likelihood of destructive chewing behavior.

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Rich in Nutrients:

Antlers are packed with essential nutrients, making them a healthy alternative to synthetic chews. They are a natural source of calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals that contribute to your dog's overall nutritional intake. These minerals are crucial for bone health, helping to support strong teeth and bones in your furry friend.

Odor-Free and Mess-Free:

Unlike some traditional dog chews, antlers are virtually odor-free. This is a huge relief for pet owners who may be sensitive to strong smells or live in smaller spaces. Additionally, antlers produce minimal mess, sparing you from the cleanup associated with other treats. Their cleanliness makes them an ideal option for indoor and outdoor use.

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Antler chews are a hypoallergenic option for dogs with sensitivities or allergies to certain proteins. They are a single-ingredient treat, free from additives, preservatives, and common allergens. This makes antler chews a safe and wholesome choice for dogs with dietary restrictions.

Sustainable and Ethical:

Antlers are naturally shed by deer and elk, making them a sustainable and ethical choice for dog chews. Harvesting antlers does not harm the animals, and collecting shed antlers helps prevent waste in nature.

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By choosing antler chews, pet owners can feel good about providing their dogs with a natural, eco-friendly treat.


Are antlers good for dogs to chew on?


Antlers make excellent chew toys for dogs. They provide a natural and durable option that promotes dental health, satisfies the urge to chew, and offers various nutritional benefits.

Do vets recommend antler chews for dogs?

While opinions may vary, many vets do recommend antler chews. They appreciate the dental benefits and the fact that antlers are a natural, single-ingredient treat.

However, individual recommendations may depend on your dog's specific health needs.

Can you leave a dog with an antler?

Yes, antlers are generally safe to leave with your dog. Their durability makes them an excellent long-lasting chew, reducing the risk of choking hazards associated with some shorter-lived treats.

Still, always monitor your dog during chewing sessions, especially if they are new to antler chews.

Can a dog pass an antler?

Dogs typically can pass small pieces of antler. However, it's crucial to choose the right size for your dog and monitor them during chewing to prevent potential choking or digestive issues.

Do antlers dissolve in a dog's stomach?

No, antlers do not dissolve in a dog's stomach.

They are a natural, hard substance that wears down slowly as your dog chews. While they may break into smaller pieces, these pieces are usually small enough to pass through the digestive system without harm.

Can dogs chew on antlers found in the woods?

It's not advisable for dogs to chew on antlers found in the woods. These may carry bacteria, parasites, or contaminants that can be harmful to your dog. It's safer to provide commercially sourced, cleaned, and sanitized antler chews.

What do vets recommend for dogs to chew on?

Vets often recommend natural chews like antlers, bully sticks, and dental chews. These options can help with dental health, mental stimulation, and provide a safe outlet for chewing tendencies.

What are the safest chews for dogs?

The safest chews for dogs are natural options without additives. Antlers, bully sticks, and dental chews are generally considered safe, but always choose the appropriate size for your dog and supervise their chewing.

What type of antler is best for dogs?

The best antlers for dogs are typically deer or elk antlers. They are dense, long-lasting, and provide the right balance of hardness for effective chewing without being too tough.

Why do vets not recommend antlers?

While some vets may express concerns about antlers, it's often related to potential risks such as fractured teeth or choking. However, many vets do recommend antlers when used responsibly and under supervision.

Do vets recommend antlers or rawhide?

Vets often lean towards recommending antlers over rawhide. Antlers are a natural, single-ingredient option that offers dental benefits without the potential choking or digestion issues associated with rawhide.

Are antlers better than rawhide?

Many pet owners and vets consider antlers to be a preferable alternative to rawhide due to their natural composition, durability, and the lack of additives or preservatives.


In the quest to provide the best for our four-legged companions, antler chews stand out as a holistic and beneficial option. From promoting dental health to offering long-lasting entertainment and contributing to a balanced diet, these natural treats cater to various aspects of your dog's well-being.

As responsible pet owners, choosing antler chews not only supports your dog's health but also aligns with eco-friendly and ethical practices.

So, go ahead, treat your dog to the goodness of antler chews and watch them chew their way to a healthier, happier life.


Jess - Owner, Wag & Whistle

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